Gabrielle, what eating plan are you following?

Hello All!! In my entry, “Who is Gabrielle Marcell?”, I mention re-starting an eating lifestyle. I am sure the question of what plan I am doing is going to come up, so let me answer that before it does.

Before I began, let me add right here that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am just a person on a journey to lose weight like many of us. If you need medical advice or medical opinions please seek the opinion of a medical professional.

The plan I am following is Low Carb/Atkins Phase 1 (also known as the Keto Diet)

I started in May at 404 and I lost 23 pounds in one month. Of course, my follow through was not there and I stopped. But, I am starting again this weekend.

One of my best friends started June/July at 425 and she is now in the 360s. She does allow herself free days. If she had less free days she would have lost more. But, we are going to celebrate her success.

I also have a Facebook friend who started at 410 in April 2017 and he is now in the 200s, occasionally he does periods of fasting when he hits a stall.

The key is to keep carbs at 20 grams for your body to reach a state of Ketosis. In a state of Ketosis your body burns fat. The amount of carbs one can eat and enter into Ketosis or stay in Ketosis is not the same for everyone some can eat up to 50 grams of carbs and stay in Ketosis but that is different for everyone. But 20 grams is definitely a number that works for everyone.

First, you have to think of this as a lifestyle change just like with any way of eating. If you follow a new eating plan, lose weight then start back eating the way you were eating you are going to gain the weight back just like with any plan.

Once you lose the weight you want to lose on this plan you have to research what is necessary for maintenance.

You can make a Low Carb way of eating work for you. There some people that do high healthy fat, moderate protein. Some do high protein, moderate healthy fat(this is the one I had more success with). Some women do it while nursing and pregnant. There are Vegan or Vegetarian versions of it.

You can be strict with it which means tracking macros or lazy  which means just eating approved foods but only counting carbs. I like being strict because if you hit a stall you know what your macros are in order to change them up.

I constantly see stories of people reversing type 2 diabetes due to this lifestyle change. And I have also have heard stories of a lot of women treating pcos with it and having successful pregnancies.

When eating for this lifestyle you have to give up foods that have high carb and sugar amounts. Yes, that means most things white.

That means no pasta but instead you can replace it with spaghetti squash in your spaghetti or zoodles ( zucchini that looks like noodles made with a spiralizer). Zoodles can be made at home or you can purchase them frozen.  Another alternative to pasta are kognac noodles (noodles that have close to zero carbs). These noodles can be found online at Amazon. Or you can find them in your local grocery store in the Asian food section or Asian markets in your town.

That also means no rice. Some people use “riced” cauliflower as a replacement. You can make this on your own with cauliflower and a cheese grater or food processor. Or, you can buy it frozen.

Yes, this means no potatoes, some people use radishes as a replacement in stews (cooking them removes the bite). I have seen people use daikon radishes and jicama as french fry replacements. A potato replacement I have made personally was mashed cauliflower flavored with seasonings and toppings that you would put in or on mashed potatoes. I have also made loaded radishes (similar to loaded potatoes) and enjoyed them as well.

Also that means no regular bread. There are low carb options available at the grocery store. If you are the type that likes to bake you would need to purchase cocunut flour or almond flour because regular flour has a lot of carbs. You can also use low carb options like Carbquick.

Yes, white means no sugar. Also that means no honey or agave as well, you will use a sweetener instead of sugar in your recipes( I have used erythritol).

Fruits are high in carbs and sugars. Berries are a fruit that you can eat on this plan.

I know what your next question is, “Gabrielle, what can I eat?”

I have included a link to the Atkins site with a list of approved foods. Also, there is a link to a macro calculator and a food tracking app.

Food List

Macro Calculator for high protein keto

App to help calculate macros, count carbs, and log food:

Here I have only scratched the surface of this lifestyle. There is a lot if info about this lifestyle, online on Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube as well as multiple blogs of people that have been eating low carb for years.

Once again, I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am just sharing here what worked for me.  If you need medical advice or medical opinions please seek the opinion of a medical professional.

If part of your goals this year is to shed extra weight then let us all find a plan that works for us. Let us not take this extra weight into another year.

As always thank you for spending this moment with me.

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  1. My doctor said I have to lose 10 pounds and I swear I did not know where to start! Thanks for the detail explanation of this way of eating healthy. Imma try it!

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