Weigh In Wednesday, Weigh In #5

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to the end of Month 1!! Yay, we made it!! Making it through a month is huge for me because I haven’t been able to get this far since May 2017. Each time I restarted, I would stop because I would become upset about the scale not moving.

But this time around, even when the scale went down and then up,  I kept going. You know what was different this time around? Go ahead, point at yourself! The difference was you all showing me so much support. I can’t thank you enough!

As you all know getting out of the 370s has not been as easy as getting into them from the 380s. It is as if my body likes this weight and is holding on for dear life!

It doesn’t matter what this body likes the 370s must leave and be gone FOREVER!

I want to thank you all again for your support! As always, thank you for spending this moment with me.

Here is to Month 1, of me reclaiming my life and to many months to come!

Weigh In Wednesday, Weigh In # 5 (Month #1)

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