Face The Scale Friday! Weigh In #6

Hello All!! I hope your Friday is going well and that you have a great weekend.

This week I opted to do a Face The Scale Friday because this week was very rough. Once again, the scale went down and back up. When I weighed in last week I was 370, a few days later 368. I was so excited to finally tell the 370s goodbye. I think I was a bit TOO happy because it wasn’t long before the scale went back up to 371.

I know you are probably wondering, “Gabrielle, are you REALLY staying on track and eating the foods you should?” I want to tell you absolutely that I am. When you do an eating plan like Low Carb/Keto it is so important that your macros are on point. If not, it is possible for you to gain instead of lose or stay the same weight.

The macros I started with worked in the beginning but they needed readjusting. I tried doing it myself but wasn’t successful. I ended up reaching out to a Coach that has had GREAT success to help me. She gave me my macros on Tuesday and I have been following them every since.

On Tuesday, I was 370 and today on Friday I can say that these new macros have been working for me. I am really excited about working with her.

I will be honest with you all and say that making the choice to work with her was difficult to me because I have such a hard time doing things for myself. I constantly talk myself out of doing things for myself. I almost didn’t reach out to her BUT I decided that I NEEDED this. It wasn’t a want but a need. I promised myself that this year would be about Self-Care. So, I made an invest in ME! Thankfully, her goal is to help people and her prices are affordable.

I am confident that with her help and my dedication to staying on this plan that I will be where I need to be.

I will see you all next week! Thank you for spending this moment with me.

Face The Scale Friday! Weigh In #6



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