I Slipped And Fell In My Kitchen

Hello All! I hope you all are having a great day! Before we begin, yes I am ok! I have somewhat of a limp but I am hoping to be 100% in the next couple of days.

During meal prep last weekend, I was on a mission to get all the meals done in one day. Sometimes, meal prep takes me two days depending on what I have planned. Last weekend, I had a Low Carb Soup, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Baked Chicken, Curry Chicken, Lasagna, Low Carb Cereal and Pizza on the menu. Wow, just typing it out makes me realize that I really had A LOT planned.

I woke up early Sunday Morning and got my daughter up as well. Even though I was exhausted starting the day off, I had my eye on the prize of a fridge stocked with already made meals for the week. Operation Meal Prep was in full effect!

I decided to start with the Lasagna because it was going to take the longest amount of time to make. The “Noodles” for the Lasagna was actually a fathead dough that needed to be prepared, cooked, and then stored in the fridge before assembling into the Lasagna. I was very focused on making the dough because I was worried it wouldn’t turn out right.

To my delight, it looked good once I had it all spread in the pan. While the dough cooked in the oven, I browned the ground turkey on the stove, seasoned it, added the sauce, and also seasoned my homemade Greek yogurt that I used instead of ricotta cheese. After the dough cooked, into the fridge it went.

Once it cooled in the fridge for 25 minutes, it was time to take it out and assemble the Lasagna. While assembling the Lasagna, I allowed my mind to settle down and not think of the 1,000 things that I had to do for Operation Meal Prep to be a success. I was on the phone with my son. I felt good about the way the Lasagna was looking and listening to my son talk about how he was excited to be coming home for the Summer made me smile. I am excited for him to come home too, I miss him like crazy! Once I was done with the Lasagna, I headed to the oven to put it inside. My son had to go and we ended our conversation.

I put my phone down then immediately my mind went back into Operation Meal Prep Mode. I grabbed the ground beef for the soup out of the freezer and headed to the microwave to defrost it. The next thing I know, I was on the floor. I slipped on some water that got on the floor while my daughter was washing dishes. I fell sideways and felt pain in my legs, especially my right knee. As I lied on the floor in pain, only one thought came to mind. It is going to be really hard to get up off this floor.

I looked up to see my daughter hovering over me with a look of horror on her face.

Falling down and struggling to get up is not new to me. Back home in Illinois, when I was going to school I slipped and fell more than once on campus during the Winter months. Thankfully, I was on campus with some of the sweetest most helpful young men that I ever met in my life. A group of them would come running in the snow to help me up, each time I fell.

I remember the first time I fell, I cried because I was so ashamed. One young man said, “Are you ok?” I said, “Yes, I am alright. Just very embarrassed that I couldn’t get up on my own.” He said, “There is no reason for you to feel that way, the only thing that matters to us is that you are ok.” I will NEVER forget the kindness of those young men that helped me the multiple times I fell on campus.

Falling this time was different because I didn’t have a group of young men to help me. I was on my kitchen floor in pain and it was just myself and my scared teenage daughter in my apartment. So, I had to help myself with a bit of assistance from her. I had her bring over a chair and had to angle myself just right and pull myself off the floor  using the chair as my daughter held it down.

Once I got off the floor, she reached for my hand to lead me to the table to sit down. I told her, “No, we are going to keep going!” So, I continued to the microwave to defrost the ground beef. I could have easily taken a break or decided to finish meal prep the next day but, I pushed myself to keep going. I pushed myself until 5 a.m. Monday morning. I only stopped when all my meals were done and my kitchen was clean. The only thing that was left meal wise to do was to add the toppings to the pizza crust on the day it was to be eaten.

There have been SO MANY times in my life where I have fallen down and stayed down. I spent YEARS of my life trapped in a pit of sadness and despair that only I could free myself from. Because of me not taking responsibility for my own life and happiness, I had fallen and eventually backed myself against a wall. 

The wall is being 360+ pounds and not being able to stand long periods of time, not being able to walk short or far distances,not being able to drive, falling then not being able to pick myself up without help, and the worst of all not being able to provide for my children the way I want to due to these terrible limitations that keep me from working jobs that I know I will love ( Teacher, Foster Care Caseworker, Adoption Caseworker, etc).

This wall that I created by me falling and not getting back up when enough time had passed is intense. But, I have to be more instense then the wall. Recently, I finally lifted myself up off the floor where I had allowed myself to fall and stayed down for years.

So, NO there will be no taking a break. NO, waiting until tomorrow! I am doing this, NOW!

I am sure that one day, I will fall again. My prayer is that when it happens again that I will be small enough to pick myself up with no help or that I don’t allow my circumstances to keep me down for long!

My hope for you all is that whatever goal you want to accomplish or journey you want to start is that you do it, NOW. Don’t wait for tomorrow, anymore. Don’t allow yourself to get backed up against a wall of despair that forces you to get started. Instead, put one foot in front of the other and start.

If you start and you fall down, don’t stay down too long. There may even be times that you fall and need a little help to get back up, don’t be ashamed that you need the help. Be thankful that there is help. Always remember, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall as you walk your path, it only matters that you get up each and every single time!

As always, thank you for spending this time with me! Oh, and I promise to make sure the floor is completely dry each and every time Operation Meal Prep is going on. LOL. See you all next time!


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