30 Day Challegne!

Hello All!! Thank you for spending this moment with me!

Recently, I decided that I needed to change things up a bit when it comes to my weightloss journey. No, I am not going to stop nor change from Low Carb/Keto. I wanted to add a few extra elements in the mix.

Since starting this journey, I had tried to do these things but didn’t commit to them because they take a lot of effort. I don’t mind putting effort into things but these are two things that I struggled with when I tried. So, to push myself I made a public commitment on Instagram and Facebook.

I made the pledge on April 1st and started on April 2nd.

I committed to Intermittent Fasting and Exercise (insert cringe). I had tried Intermittent Fasting a few days since starting this journey but failed and wanted to try it again because I know it is beneficial. I exercised once and did an intense chair workout and couldn’t move for DAYS afterwards and that is all it took for me to throw the towel on on that. Plus, I really DESPISE exercising.

After talking to one of my closest friends, I knew that I had to give the exercise another chance even though I really didn’t want to. I also decided to throw in IF in the mix as well. I mean, why not?

A few of my friends and family members actually did join in on the challenge. I created a Facebook Group and touchbase with everyone pretty much everyday. There are not that many people really active but the ones that are really keep me motivated. I appreciate them joining me in on the challenge.

I am now into Day 17 of the 30 Day Challenge and I can tell you that I still do NOT like exercise BUT I think it is paying off. The IF has been somewhat of a struggle due to my sleep schedule being all over the place. It is pretty bad. I am sticking to it but my hours vary each day so I am not sure if it is working as effectively as it could. Either way, I am going to continue because I made a VERY public commitment to it.

When I started the challenge on April 2nd my weight was

It is now : You have to read my next post to find out!😁

Doing this challenge allowed me to see the difference that adding exercise and IF to my routine can make. Who knows, maybe I will keep this up after the 30 days are over… Only time will tell.

I will be sure to update everyone when the challenge is over!

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