30 Day Challenge Results

Hello All! My 30 Day Challenge was a huge success! I have to thank the group of women that joined me, helped me and supported me. I have to also thank my guy friends that I reached out to and that answered my fitness questions.

I also have to thank everyone that took the time out to like or comment on any of my updates and photos.

Everyone really kept me going and motivated to stay on track.

This is the challenge I did from April 2nd until May 3rd.

Here is a Break Down of what I did:


I did a few different exercises during my 30 Days of exercise I mostly stuck to the chair exercises by HASFIT, they were easy to follow and they moved at a good pace for me. I also did a few by Fuzion Fitness with Alexis, one with Paul Eugene. I did a few dance videos by the Fitness Marshall and really enjoyed them. I also went to the Fitness Center once and walked on the treadmill for an hour.

I really liked being able to exercise from home. I started off casting the workouts from my phone to my TV. But towards, the end I would do them from my phone while I watched a movie on my TV. It made them go by much faster. I prefer that method. The phone screen is smaller and you have to multi-task a bit to make sure you are keeping up but it is doable. Next time, I will use a tablet.


On this way of eating, I keep things simple. I eat meat, veggies, cheese, drink diet pop and water with enhancers, drink premier protein shakes, eat atkins bars, sugar free jello and pudding.

IF- Intermittent Fasting

My fasting hours were during the day and eating hours during the night. My sleep schedule is currently turned upside down right now. So, I used the hours that worked for me.

Next Challenge:

So, a few people have asked what am I doing next? I do have a plan to do a Walking Challenge that Black Women Losing is doing but haven’t started. I honestly should never have stopped exercising everyday once my challenge was over because not exercising for a few days then thinking about starting to exercise again made me remember how much I don’t like exercising.

So, now I have to force myself to get on track with this walking challenge. Thankfully, it is 21 days of walking out of 31. That means I have time to get going.

I just need to do it soon.

I plan to do another 30 Day Challenge of my own in June to Jumpstart the rest of the year. I hope that the same ladies join me and maybe a few more.

Here are my Starting Numbers and Ending Numbers for the challenge!

My goal for this challenge was to lose 15 pounds in 30 Days. I am excited to not only have met my goal but exceeded it. As always, thank you for spending this moment with me.

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