Weigh In #10 -3 Month Mark

Hello Everyone!! Happy Monday!!

As many of you know, today is my 3 month mark of eating Low Carb/Keto. I can’t believe that I have been consistent in this way of eating for 3 months. I have thought about this day since day 1.

Due to me having a large amount of weight to lose I will be on this journey for a long time. Thinking about that sometimes can be overwhelming BUT it definitely is not as overwhelming as carrying this excess weight around.

So, I have to pick a struggle.

Although, there are many months ahead I have to focus on the big picture and celebrate the success that I have along the way. Each day that I make a conscious effort concerning what I eat it is a day that I am winning. I don’t get this right every single day because of course I am human but I try not to beat myself up. I dust myself off and keep going when I stumble.

I do know I have to work on eating through my emotions when I get bad news. I have been applying for jobs and going on interviews but nothing has worked out for me as of yet. I got a thank you but no thank you email the other day and it took me to a bad place. I was so upset that I ate way too much Carbsmart Chocolate Ice Crean than I should have.

I was upset at myself for a second but let it go because I can’t continue to beat myself up when I mess up. I have to be kinder to myself. Being angry with myself and not loving myself got me to where I am where I was before this journey started. Thankfully, each day I am getting better at loving Gabrielle.

I also have to work on understanding that GOD’s timing isn’t my timing. I may be worried about not having a job but GOD has provided in such an amazing way for me that I can’t do anything but be appreciative, thankful, and greatful. I know that when the time is right GOD will release that perfect job for me.

Until then, I will stay on track with my weight loss journey because that is something that I can control.

The fact that I have been consistent with this eating plan for 90 days is definitely something to celebrate. I was able to meet my goal and create new ones.

Thank you for spending this time with me!

Weigh In #10 -3 Month Mark

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